Vera Translations provides reliable and professional translation services for your documents and articles.

My Services

Document Translation

Does your business have documents you need translated to another language? Have you received documents and wish to fully comprehend them?

Website Translation

An excellent translation for your website is not just a courtesy, it is a shrewd business move. 60% of online customers claim they will not buy a product of a single-language site.

Simultaneous Translation

Are you going abroad to close a deal with a client? Have you been invited to a conference and you want to be sure not to miss a single word that will be said?

Why Vera Translations?

As any company that conducts business on a global level knows, there is one important factor that can make or break interactions, and mean the difference between success and failure. It is speaking the same language.

Speaking the same language means knowing all the different sayings, idioms and expressions, and understanding exactly how a native speaker phrases their sentences. It’s not enough to just translate word for word. When we carry out business on a global level, breaking the language barrier takes time, commitment and cultural sensitivity.

When addressing an audience that speaks a different language than our mother tongue, it is important to make sure that nothing is left unsaid or lost in translation. To ensure that, you need professional, reliable and proficient translators that know how to deliver a top-quality service.

Direct translation can cause a variety of issues, because the things that make sense in one language don’t necessarily make sense in another. A nice slogan in English, for example, might not sound as catchy in Russian. Even worse, it might even sound inappropriate.

Whether you’re looking for translations for the Latvian, Russian or Hebrew languages, with Vera Translations you are guaranteed an impeccable, top-of-the-line and fast translation for your documents or articles. My translations will answer all of your needs, and my prices remain competitive as ever.

When you choose Vera Translations, you guarantee yourself an excellent service, great prices, and a trustworthy translation that will aid you in all your multi-lingual projects.