About Vera Translations

An excellent translation can turn your local business into a global success story. Vera Translations offer a variety of translation services, all delivered in the utmost professional manner. One of my main focuses is to provide each of my clients with a personal VIP treatment.

Vera Translations serves clients of all sizes, from private individuals to commercial companies. Each translation goes through a process of editing and proofreading to provide you with a product of the highest quality.

My goal at Vera Translations is to build long lasting relationships with my clients. Above all – I care. I see your business’s success as my own. I take pride in my clients’ trust, and would love for you to join my long list of satisfied customers!

About me:

Through experience and hard work, I’ve acquired a deep understanding of languages. I was born in Riga, Latvia, where I naturally learned the Latvian and Russian languages and came to understand the cultures. I moved to Israel when I was 14, and proceeded to study the Hebrew language and the Israeli culture.

At age 23 I relocated once again, this time to the United States. There I studied the English language and fell in love with the global challenge of inter-cultural communications. As a result, I started specializing in translations. I have been working as a translator for 8 years now, during which I worked as a private translator and was employed in the External Relations Department of the Knesset, translating for many diplomatic delegations in parliamentary conferences.

Today I work as a self-employed translator and provide my services to a varied client base. I continue to find challenges in the art of translation, and am thankful for being able to do something I love.

My Vision:

I believe that language should not be a barrier between people. I work so you can create a real connection and develop a dialogue. I believe in people, and my goal is to help people of different cultures reach their full potential together.