Translation Services

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to translate a document, an article, or even your entire website. Vera Translations provide a fast, top-quality translation service tailored exactly to your needs.

Whether you need to translate an article you wrote for a large audience, or are looking to comprehend an article written in a different language, Vera Translations will provide you with the best service, making sure the text retains its deepest meaning.

Vera Translations provides translation services between the language any pair of thr languages Hebrew, Latvian and Russian, and also from English to any of the languages stated above. Vera Translations provides a variety of services, including but not limited to:

Document translation:

When you try to push yourselves towards international success, or even if you just want to send a well-written resume, it is vital to use a flawless translation that understands your goals and knows how to help you achieve them quickly.

Does your business have documents you need translated to another language? Have you received documents and wish to fully comprehend them?

To avoid crucial errors in your business and in the future, I will provide you with the best and most authentic translations. My translations will enable you and your business partners to understand each other perfectly.

Article translation:

Do you need to read an article written in a language different than your mother tongue? Do you need to submit your own article in another language? The language in which articles are written is more complex by nature, and sometimes even native speakers find it hard to fully understand academic texts.

Vera Translations will provide you with a proper translation for every article. This translation will help you fully understand the article you were given, or make the article you wrote fully coherent for your target audience.

Website translation:

When your business grows, you may want to reach out to the global market. In order for you to keep providing the same excellent services to your new international customers, you need to be equipped with top-notch translations that understand and pass on your message to your new-found audience.

An excellent translation for your website is not just a courtesy, it is a shrewd business move. 60% of online customers claim they will not buy a product of a single-language site. Considering the fact there are 3 billion people online, 60% is a large segment you can’t afford to ignore.

For you to open your business to new markets, you need to adjust your website and functionality to accommodate the new language. By doing that, you will greatly increase your customer-base.

Simultaneous translation:

Are you going abroad to close a deal with a client? Have you been invited to a conference and you want to be sure not to miss a single word that will be said? When conducting business in foreign countries, it is crucial for you and your business partners understand each other perfectly.

A professional, seasoned translator will enable you to converse in your mother tongue, so you can stay as sharp as ever and lead your company to success. As part of my service, I will accompany you to any destination and ensure that everything runs as expected.